TuesdaySep 27, 2022 11:15 am

Coyuchi Inc. Is ‘One to Watch’

All Coyuchi products begin with 100% organic fibers and a traceable supply chain Coyuchi achieved 26% sales revenue growth in calendar 2021 over 2020 Coyuchi is profitable and growing; for the year ended December 31, 2021, the company had net income of $1.4 million on sales of $33.3 million Coyuchi has filed an SEC Regulation A Offering Statement with the intent to offer shares for sale The overall U.S. market for home textiles is currently worth $25 billion annually, and, with a forecast annual growth rate of 5%, it is expected to reach $30 billion by the end of 2025…

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MondaySep 26, 2022 11:15 am

GeoSolar Technologies Inc. Stands Ready as Green Architecture Seeks to Flip the Script of American Housing

Residential sector is major energy consumer, accounting for more than 20% of US energy consumption; strong push for grid decarbonization coupled with rising energy prices are turning the tide More and more Americans are warming up to idea that their homes could be both energy efficient and comfortable as they seek net-zero homes to control both their carbon footprint and energy bills GeoSolar Technologies is poised to capitalize on this growing market demand with its technology that seeks to revolutionize how homeowners generate and use power As the climate crisis unfolds, it's becoming increasingly clear that residential stock may lie…

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ThursdaySep 22, 2022 9:00 am

GeoSolar Technologies Inc. Set to Capitalize as ‘Green’ Homes Sell at a Huge Premium to Peers

The average ‘green’ home now sells at a premium of over 100% relative to average home prices across a broad selection of U.S. cities Despite annual energy cost savings of $1,587, homeowners often opt to forgo installing residential solar panel systems due to their elevated upfront costs The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act will provide homeowners with a 30% tax credit to assist with the upfront cost of installing renewable energy home systems The lower upfront costs, coupled with lower utility bills and a ‘green’ premium applied to residential home sale prices could lead to added demand for the likes…

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WednesdaySep 21, 2022 9:45 am

GeoSolar Technologies Inc. Positioned to Benefit from Biden Administration Plans to Expand Geothermal Technology

U.S. Department of Energy recently announced Biden administration plans to reduce geothermal system costs by 90% to $45 per megawatt hour by 2035 GeoSolar’s SmartGreen(R) residential and commercial energy systems leverage solar and geothermal energy to dramatically lower or eliminate utility bills Additional SmartGreen(R) system customizations include tightening building envelope, insulation upgrades, LED lighting replacement, EV charging infrastructure The U.S. Department of Energy (“DOE”) recently announced that the Biden administration plans to reduce geothermal system costs by 90% to $45 per megawatt hour by 2035 (https://nnw.fm/JJHUW). Increased awareness and mainstream adoption of the technology will likely benefit Colorado-based GeoSolar Technologies…

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FridaySep 16, 2022 10:30 am

EverGen Infrastructure Corp. (TSX.V: EVGN) (OTCQX: EVGIF) Poised to Drive RNG-Led Energy Transition; Reports Q2 2022 Results and Highlights

EverGen reveals Q2 2022 financials and key growth milestones for expansion across Canada Company acquired a 50% interest in Project Radius and a 67% interest in GrowTEC; agreed term sheet for CAD$31 million Senior Term Loan Facility with lenders Roynat and EDC EverGen remains primed for a catalyst-rich second half of 2022; appears on track to boost RNG production to satisfy Canada’s swelling demand as consumers flock to the renewable natural gas space "We have positioned EverGen as a leading RNG platform with a core operating portfolio and pipeline of projects in Canada set to deliver significant RNG volumes and…

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ThursdaySep 15, 2022 12:00 pm

GeoSolar Technologies Inc. Offers Potentially Ground-Breaking Solution as the World Goes Through Arguably Most Important Transition Ever

In recent interview, Stone Douglass, CEO and Chairman of GeoSolar Technologies, discusses how his prior work drove him to lead company that seeks to revolutionize how homes are electrified GeoSolar's game-changing technology can provide cheaper, quieter, and more comfortable homes with better air quality As seasoned professional, Douglass appears confident that GeoSolar represents interesting investment opportunity amid major shift from fossil fuel-driven to clean, all-electric future — the transition he calls most important in human history As energy transition gains momentum and a switch from carbon-based to clean electric living takes place, an attractive investment opportunity emerges for any company…

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ThursdaySep 15, 2022 11:15 am

Reklaim Ltd. (TSX.V: MYID) (OTCQB: MYIDF) Is ‘One to Watch’

For the quarter that ended June 30, 2022, Reklaim’s year-to-date revenue was up 216% over the same period in the prior year During that same quarter, revenue increased 65% over the prior quarter that ended March 31, 2022 Reklaim grew its B2B customer base by 51% during the quarter that ended June 30, 2022 The company has 320 million consented consumer profiles Reklaim is integrated with 15 of the largest global platforms that sell and distribute data Reklaim (TSX.V: MYID) (OTCQB: MYIDF) offers a privacy-compliant identity ecosystem both online (www.ReklaimYours.com) and via a mobile app on iOS and Android in…

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TuesdaySep 13, 2022 11:15 am

GeoSolar Technologies Inc.’s SmartGreen(R) Achieves Energy Independence Amid Skyrocketing Energy Prices

US natural gas prices rose nearly 50% in July, EU benchmark power price hit ten times decade-long average Prices expected to remain volatile until at least 2023 GeoSolar’s SmartGreen(R) systems help building owners achieve energy independence with photovoltaic (“PV”) solar systems and geothermal ground loops  Additional SmartGreen(R) system customizations include tightening building envelope, insulation upgrades, LED lighting replacement, and EV charging infrastructure SEC recently qualified GeoSolar for Regulation A+ capital raise Energy prices are skyrocketing, especially in Europe where the benchmark power price recently hit 1,000 euros (USD $990) per megawatt-hour - nearly ten times the decade-long average (https://ibn.fm/uXrTc). With…

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ThursdaySep 08, 2022 10:30 am

GeoSolar Technologies Inc. Poised for Growth Amid Energy Crisis as US Consumers Seek Renewables and Government Steps in With Colossal Climate Legislation

Exciting times are ahead for solar as US Consumers seem hungry for more renewable energy and government introduces the largest-ever US climate investment As energy efficiency becomes priority, this game-changing legislation incentivizes consumers to invest in clean energy upgrades such as solar and wind; demand expected to rise and stay robust over the coming years GeoSolar stands ready to respond to this burgeoning market need with its unique system that integrates clean energy technologies such as solar power, geothermal ground-sourced energy and more Without a doubt, modern consumers seek to lead more sustainable lifestyles and play a meaningful role in…

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ThursdaySep 01, 2022 9:45 am

GeoSolar Technologies Inc. Seeks to Drive Solar Power Adoption Within the United States

The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 will extend the investment tax credit, providing residential solar users with a tax credit equivalent to 30% of the cost of equipment The tax credits will seek to incentivise the continued growth of the US solar energy sector Although new solar energy capacity accounted for half of the growth of electricity generation capability within the US in 1Q22, the nation’s cumulative solar energy capacity is sufficient to power a mere 18 million homes Through its revolutionary SmartGreen(TM) Home solution, GeoSolar Technologies will help household lower both, their carbon footprint as well as…

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