MondayApr 17, 2023 9:00 am

Ucore Rare Metals Inc. (TSX.V: UCU) (OTCQX: UURAF) Set to Scale its Maximum Production Rate to 7,500 TPA Following the Selection of LSMC REE Separation and Oxide Production Facility

Ucore just announced the selection of an 80,800 square-foot brownfield facility located in England Airpark in Alexandria, Louisiana, that will serve as the company’s LSMC REE separation and oxide production facility The company is confident that the establishment will expand its maximum production rate from the current 5,000 TPA to 7,500 TPA in TREO throughout by 2027 The facility is expected to create 298 indirect jobs, for a total of 398 new jobs in Central Louisiana. It is also set to bring the total potential value of state grants, tax incentives, 1payroll rebates, and other benefits to US$15 million Ucore…

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ThursdayApr 13, 2023 9:45 am

Coyuchi Inc. Recently-Opened Palo Alto Store Helps Bring To Life The Coyuchi Luxury Experience

Marcus Chung, the brand’s first COO, who is leading the company’s growth strategy, played an integral role in the opening of the Palo Alto store Coyuchi is pushing the organic textile market forward through its circular business model, the creation of The Coyuchi Climate Council, and the foundation of C4: The California Cotton & Climate Coalition Regulation A+ funding is being used to expand Coyuchi’s enterprise value through expanded marketing, product category expansion, and its physical store presence that brings a direct-to-consumer experience to life, along with B2B strategic partnerships with wholesalers and online marketplaces Coyuchi, the gold standard in…

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TuesdayApr 11, 2023 10:30 am

GeoSolar Technologies Inc. Advances Home Renewable Systems That Reduce Carbon Use and Potentially Eliminate Utility Bills

GeoSolar’s SmartGreen(TM) whole-home renewable energy system potentially reduces dependence on fossil fuels while lowering or even completely eliminating utility bills The SmartGreen(TM) system includes photovoltaic solar panels, geothermal ground loops, integrated air ducts and floor loops, CERV(R) air filtration, upgrades to lighting systems, windows, insulation The SmartGreen(TM) system can be integrated into new construction projects or existing buildings GeoSolar plans to market SmartGreen(TM) to over 120 million homes across the U.S. with various financing options, tax deductions, utility incentives The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (“IPCC”) has stated that there is over a 95% probability that the observed warming of…

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TuesdayApr 11, 2023 9:00 am

Reflex Advanced Materials Corp. (CSE: RFLX) (OTCQB: RFLXF) Is ‘One to Watch’

Reflex Advanced Materials has begun the qualification process and boasts established relationships with more than 25 key North American customers, putting it years ahead of the competition in the lengthy graphite sales cycle The company has executed two critical product development and material research partnerships in an effort to diversify risk and improve margins Reflex Advanced Materials expects to begin fulfilling major graphite orders in 2024, with supply, processing partners and demand already in place The U.S. Department of Energy is in the process of awarding $2.8 billion to expand domestic manufacturing of batteries for electric vehicles, and the company…

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MondayApr 10, 2023 11:15 am

Coyuchi Inc.’s Organic Bedding Collection Combines Coastal-Inspired Landscape Themes with Sustainable Cotton Material

Coyuchi's line of gold-standard luxury home goods includes bedding, sheets, towels, apparel, and other home goods made using 100% organic cotton The organic bedding market was valued at $836.4 million in 2020, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.1%, resulting in a value of $1.1 billion by 2025 Coyuchi’s Bedroom Inspiration is uniquely designed to calm, revitalize, and build a mindfully made mood within an end user’s personal organic sleeping space At the forefront of consumer organic home products is Coyuchi, a gold standard in sustainable luxury home goods, including bedding, sheets, towels, apparel, and other home…

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TuesdayApr 04, 2023 11:15 am

Green Housing Market Coast-to-Coast Creates Opportunity for GeoSolar Technologies Inc.

Assurance released a new study ranking every state for 11 sustainability factors ranging from solar power to electric heat and recycling regulations, with Oregon coming out on top GeoSolar Technologies is an emerging leader in the space with its new Smart Green(TM) Home that includes a rooftop solar system, geothermal loops, EV charging station, and more As measured by the HERS Index, a Smart Green(TM) Home is essentially 100% more efficient than a typical home built in 2006 Whether motivated by financial incentives, environmental concerns, or both, people are increasingly looking to climate and wallet friendly technologies in their homes.…

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MondayApr 03, 2023 10:30 am

Ucore Rare Metals Inc. (TSX.V: UCU) (OTCQX: UURAF) Strengthens its Fundamental Corporate Tenet with Key Executive and Management Team Appointments

Ucore announced new additions to its executive and management teams in what the Chairman and CEO, Pat Ryan, believes strengthens and advances the company’s fundamental corporate tenet Geoff Atkins was appointed as Ucore’s Vice President of Business Development, while Jaan Hurditch was appointed as Engineering Director, leading the company’s engineering activities Ucore also bolstered its Advisory Board with the appointment of Dr. Ahmad Hussein, who will also serve as the Government Liaison These appointments come just in time following the commissioning of the demonstration plan in Kingston, Ontario Ucore Rare Metals (TSX.V: UCU) (OTCQX: UURAF), a critical metals (“CM”) separation…

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